How and where will the coaching sessions be held?

All coaching sessions will be via video calls using Skype or Zoom apps.  This has proven to be an effective platform for coaching conversations, in addition to the flexibility and convenience - there are no geographical limits, all you need is a reliable WiFi connection.

In-person coaching available upon request.

How long does a coaching session go for?

Each session is assigned for 50 minutes - we found that this is a good time frame for an effective coaching session.

Every new client has an initial 15 minute complimentary video consultation. This is so we can learn about each other. I’ll share a bit about what I do and see if we’re a good fit for each other.  I need to be confident that by working together, we can achieve the results and successes you're seeking. 

How long should I commit to a coaching relationship?

Like most people, if you’ve developed some lifestyle habits which are not helpful to you achieving your goals, we’ll work together to slowly integrate positive new lifestyle changes.  Making long lasting positive changes will be a process of trying and failing and trying again, until new habits are formed.  Depending on the person, sometimes it takes 6 – 12 months for changes to stick.  Everyone can learn new techniques but integrating new lifestyle habits and self-regulation takes time.


125 AUD for the very first coaching session - this gives you the opportunity to experience the coaching benefits for yourself.  Thereafter, it can be a per session basis at 150 AUD each. 

Coaching is a process not an event.  Learning and change takes time. Discounts available for multiple-session purchases:  5 x session package for - 700 AUD (7% Discount) or 10 x session package for - 1,300 AUD (13% Discount).

All coaching sessions will required to be prepaid through PayPal. In the unlikely event that you don’t feel that you're getting the benefits, you may cancel anytime for a full refund, or a refund of remaining sessions (for multi-session purchases) - you are in control.

Hong is a resourceful and efficient coach. He introduced me to a variety of methods and ideas, which I couldn’t have learned without his expertise. Now my quality of life is significantly elevated and I look forward to the improvement I can make every day, all thanks to Hong’s guidance.
— Chen, Sydney AUSTRALIA