Hong is a certified Bulletproof® Human Potential Coach, the Organizer of the Biohackers Melbourne Meetup group, and a regular contributor of health and optimal-performance tips for a corporate newsletter. He holds a Business degree along with various credentials and awards in the corporate world.

As a life-long student of self-growth, Hong has successfully completed considerable amount of self-development work and overcome much of his own struggles.  He has in-depth and diverse knowledge when it comes to human potential development and personal transformation.

Another of Hong’s passions is tackling race tracks on high-powered motorcycles; chasing the best lap times. This is an exceptionally physically and mentally taxing activity; requiring unparalleled focus and concentration.  He has developed hacks to managing energy and stamina for this demanding sport and methods to unlock athletic performance.

Hong continues to develop himself both personally and professionally; is an associate member of Association for Coaching and adheres to the ethical guidelines and core competencies set forth by the world-leading International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Read Hong’s story about his journey to living a Bulletproof life.